Song Star Music is a ground breaking music publishing and production company based in the NYC tri-state area. Unlike other writers who can only play one instrument and write one or two styles of music, Song Star Music members Chris Cintron, Ralph Merigliano, and Tom Foley play multiple instruments, write many different styles of music, engineer and produce the music themselves giving greater control and focus on the idea and sound they want to create. No song, style, or type of music is off limits. Song Star Music writes and produces music for all people and all styles.

Recently we have added Amanda Cross, Wondress Hutchinson and Keith Fluit to some of our songs (soon to be released). Amanda is a great up-and-coming country singer. Wondress sang background vocals for Spyro Gyra and DJ Spen and had two top ten hits with Mantronix. Keith Fluitt has sang with Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Patti Labelle and sang with Mick Jagger and Arcade Fire on Saturday Night Live.
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